What is a Cava wine?

What is a Cava wine? cava is Spanish Sparkling Wine. Spain has been making sparkling wine since the mid-1800s. It’s made in the same way as champagne; sometimes using Spanish grapes and sometimes using chardonnay or pinot noir Where is Cava is made in the Penedes area of northeastern Spain which is 700 miles south of the champagne region. The climate is warmer, this means that cava is softer and fruitier than champagne.
Cava Food Paring: Mixed plates of cured and smoked meats, greasy fish work great with a crisp Cava as the clean bubbles will cut right through the oily layer and leave you with a world of flavor. Try sardines or mackerel. Cheese and Cava go very well with aged cheddar manchego or gruyere. The Parés Baltà Organic Brut Cava is highly recommended in terms of price and quality.