What is Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc?

In 1973, when Marlborough’s first Sauvignon Blanc vines were planted, no one could have predicted the superstar status that this variety would attain within a couple of decades.

Marlborough, remarkable for its southern latitude as a wine region, is home to 88% of New Zealand’s vines and most of those vines are Sauvignon Blanc.  In fact, 80% of all wine from New Zealand is Sauvignon Blanc.

Marlborough’s southern latitudes contribute to cool winds and refreshing nights that allow Sauvignon Blanc to retain its crisp vibrant and refreshing acidity. Its Southern latitudes also mean extended sunlight hours in the summer months (December, January, February in the Southern Hemisphere) to allow proper ripening given these cool conditions.  Allan Scott Family wines are one of the oldest wineries in New Zeland.


Fresh, zesty, juicy and full, this fruit-driven new world style wine will excite the senses without the racy overload. Tropical fruit with a fresh herbaceous character balanced with zesty passionfruit and a dry finish, this wine will take you straight back to the warmer summer days.

What is a Cava wine?

What is a Cava wine? cava is Spanish Sparkling Wine. Spain has been making sparkling wine since the mid-1800s. It’s made in the same way as champagne; sometimes using Spanish grapes and sometimes using chardonnay or pinot noir Where is Cava is made in the Penedes area of northeastern Spain which is 700 miles south of the champagne region. The climate is warmer, this means that cava is softer and fruitier than champagne.
Cava Food Paring: Mixed plates of cured and smoked meats, greasy fish work great with a crisp Cava as the clean bubbles will cut right through the oily layer and leave you with a world of flavor. Try sardines or mackerel. Cheese and Cava go very well with aged cheddar manchego or gruyere. The Parés Baltà Organic Brut Cava is highly recommended in terms of price and quality.


Should You Consider buying Wine Online?

Most people buy many things online – such as clothes, food, electronics, and beauty products. There are a few reasons to buy wine online. Three main reasons: better selection, convenience, and lower prices. Vinos.ca a Toronto-based online wine distributor was launched a few months ago by Andre Souroujon. After having lived in the U.S. for several years, where he became accustomed to buying many things online – including a large selection of wines – he was disappointed upon his return to Ontario to find that similar services weren’t available.

Vinos.ca founder Andre Souroujon came up with his store’s innovative browsing structure after becoming frustrated with traditional wine shops. “A roomful of bottles with price tags was not sufficient to help me make good, informed choices,” he says. Together with wine experts, Andre and his team carefully curate the wine selection to include high quality wines from the top regions in the world. The idea is to offer a better experience, simple and easy with just the right
information on hand.


The company sells wines from many different regions around the world, including Europe,Australia, South Africa and South America, among many others. Wines are delivery directly to your home. New release every week.
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