Should You Consider buying Wine Online?

Most people buy many things online – such as clothes, food, electronics, and beauty products. There are a few reasons to buy wine online. Three main reasons: better selection, convenience, and lower prices. a Toronto-based online wine distributor was launched a few months ago by Andre Souroujon. After having lived in the U.S. for several years, where he became accustomed to buying many things online – including a large selection of wines – he was disappointed upon his return to Ontario to find that similar services weren’t available. founder Andre Souroujon came up with his store’s innovative browsing structure after becoming frustrated with traditional wine shops. “A roomful of bottles with price tags was not sufficient to help me make good, informed choices,” he says. Together with wine experts, Andre and his team carefully curate the wine selection to include high quality wines from the top regions in the world. The idea is to offer a better experience, simple and easy with just the right
information on hand.


The company sells wines from many different regions around the world, including Europe,Australia, South Africa and South America, among many others. Wines are delivery directly to your home. New release every week.
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Chateau d’Yquem bajo presión, no habra cosecha 2012

El famoso Chateau d’Yquem anuncio recientemente que no hará su cosecha 2012 por razones de falta de calidad en sus uvas.  Este gran Sauterne el cual pertenece al grupo LVMH destruirá sus uvas y dejara de vender la cosecha 2012. Desde hace mas de 20 años que este tipo de problemas no sucedían en Yquem.  Las perdidas serán sin duda importantes, sin embargo la imagen y calidad son la prioridad en Chateau d’Yquem.

El mal clima del mes de Octubre fue decisivo para tomar esta decisión. Chateau d’Yquem no es el único productor de Sauterne que tiene este tipo de situaciones, al igual Chateau Fargues no ha logrado la calidad deseada en sus vinedos por razones de Clima.


Chateau yquem